How to Contribute

SkyPortal is released under the Modified BSD license, which means that you are allowed to modify the code for your own purposes, as long as you retain our copyright notice.

However, we would love to grow the SkyPortal community, and integrate improvements directly into our code repository on GitHub.

Code Changes

To make a code contribution to the project:

  1. Clone the SkyPortal repository

  2. Make the changes you wish to submit on a new branch

  3. Submit a pull request on GitHub.

The other developers will provide feedback, and you may push updates into the same branch (which will also update your pull request), until general consensus is achieved.

For a more detailed explanation, see the scikit-image contributors’ guide. We follow a very similar process.

Bug Reports

While we appreciate code changes, it is also very helpful simply to know when SkyPortal does not function correctly. Please file any issues you run across.

If possible, provide:

  1. A full description of your environment, including operating system, and Python version.

  2. A minimal way to reproduce the problem you see; these can be either a set of instructions, or a script.